The girls

I'm Well clearly 2 has been a little more challenging than I thought it would be! I'm beyond behind in blogging and not really sure where to pick back up.  Piper is 5 weeks old, crazy to believe and Lily will be 26 months tomorrow.  My mom was here from 9/30-10/14 which was so nice! She brought tons of little gifts for Lily (since Piper has been getting lots of attention) but her favorite has definitely been a flashlight of all things!  We went to music class, parks, walks, birthday parties, the kids museum and lots more.  We were pretty busy but had some down time with the girls too.  My aunt Sara came up from Laguna one weekend too. This last week we've been enjoying the cooler temps and some family time just us 4.

Piper is such a sweet baby, although over the last 3-4 days she's been super fussy/gassy/not napping.  I'm thinking its acid reflux.  Her schedule is typically up at 630/7 for the day/nurse and then takes a morning nap while we are out and about.  Then throughout the day nurses again around 10, 1, and 4 (napping whenever she will sleep without being held which is rare) before we try to start an evening routine of bath & bedtime.  She then eats again at 7 and goes down for the night and once more before I go to bed at 10.  Then usually up 2 more times at night as well.  I'd love for her to nap more consistently but I know at 5 weeks thats a lot to ask.  I bought a different type of gripe water today so hoping that helps.  Last week at her 1 month check up she was 10 lbs 7 oz and 22 inches, a whole 2 lbs more than Lily was at that age!  I've put away all of her newborn clothes and she's wearing all 3 month!  Good thing she has hand me downs :). She's so strong too.  She holds her head up great and has already started to grab on to things (pacifier and playmat hanging toys).

Lily has had a rough 2 weeks.  She's very whiney and needy.  She has good days and bad days.  On her good days she's so funny and loving but on her bad days watch out!  She definitely finds more comfort in daddy then me, probably because I tend to have Piper more.  We went through about a two week sleep regression or possible nightmares too which was exhausting on everyone.  Her vocabulary and other learning skills are great.  She can pretty much do her abc's and she count up to 13.  Some of her favorite activities include jumping (she can finally get both feet off the ground at the same time), using her easel, running around finding things with her flashlight and of course playing and giving role call to all of her 'bedmates' (bunny, izzie, elephant & baby).  We still haven't tackled potty training again but know it has to happen in the next couple of months.

Postpartum: I feel pretty great.  I starred stroller strides and I'm terribly out of shape but if feels great to move muscles that haven't been worked in a long time. I have 6 more pounds to lose before being at pre pregnancy weight (and another 20 on top of that) but I'm still pretty hungry all the time with Piper being such a big eater!  We're on the hunt for daycare and preschool since I'm approaching the halfway point of my leave :/

I'll try to get back to weekly updates soon, since I can't even remember what we did yesterday!


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