Nov 3-9

It's a good thing I'm an obsessive picture snaper because I would never remember what we did day to day! This week my friend Sally had her beautiful baby girl Jaquline Elise.  We briefly visiting them in the hospital on Monday.  I can't wait for her and Piper to be bffs! 

Tuesday I thought Lily had an ear infection because she kept picking at her ear and just wast herself. However, the doctor confirmed she's just a 2 year old :/ Good news: we still went to playgroup.

We made it to stroller strides Wed-Fri as well as finally taking a visit to Rollies office and mine!  I also enjoyed lots of snuggles with Piper since I know the newborn stage is coming to an end.
This was probably the first weekend in months that we had no plans. Saturday we drove out to the coast stopping at Wild Flour bakery and Joseph Phelps winery on the way out. We ate sandwhiches by the marina (while the girls napped in the car)@ and watched the boats/crab fisherman.

Today we slept in/laid in bed with cartoons, lounged around and did a few things around the house. Then we met the Kliegls for dinner at the Barlow.  There's a great green space for kids and an awesome fire pit too.  Lilys been such a picky eater the past few weeks but had no problem sharing ice cream with me.

 It was really nice to have some quality family time this weekend!


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