Piper 2 Months

Piper turned two months last week.  A month ago I thought she was going to be a little 'harder' than Lily but she has proved to be a pretty darn easy baby.  We've gotten into a pretty great routine the three of us during the week.  It usually looks something like this:

630/7am up for the day. Rollie gets home from the gym and takes Lily out to the kitchen and starts her breakfast while I nurse Piper.  I get dressed, get Piper dressed, and eat breakfast.  

830am load up the car and head to stroller strides (I've been trying to go 4x a week).  After strides we either play at the park, run errands, or go to playgroup.

1130/12 head home for lunch and naps. Lily naps from 1-330/4 and I'm trying to get Piper to nap for atleast 2 of those hours.  I either do stuff around the house, prep for dinner or catch up on the Dvr.

4-5 play in the playroom or outside until Daddy gets home. 

530 Get Lily dinner. Start making our dinner and cleaning up the house.  This is when I usually lay out the girls clothes for the next day and repack the diaper bag.  We either eat around 6 or wait until 8 when Lily goes to sleep.

630 bathtime & I nurse Piper and she goes down for the night.

7-8 Lily gets some alone time with us which is nice for her and we usually read, do puzzles or just snuggle.  She's in bed at 8.

8-10 couch & wine time (if the wine hadn't come before!)

Piper checked in at 12 lbs and 22.5 inches at her 2 month appointment Tuesday.  Lily was 9.5 lbs at hers!  She's a super happy baby and the smiling is in full swing which I just love!  She sleeps from 7pm-12am, nurses, and 
up again at 3am to nurse.  During the day she nurses every 3-3.5 hours.  Her morning nap is always solid from 830-1030 but the afternoons are a little unpredictable. 

She's so sweet and beautiful. I'm approaching the end of my maternity leave which is bittersweet. I'm definitely ready for adult time but it's always hard to leave my babies.  It will just make my time with them that much better :)


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