Piper 5 months

Size: Last month at her 4 month appointment she came in at 14.2 lbs and 24.5 inches.  Not much more than Lily (I think a pound and an inch and a half), although she seems so much bigger.  I'm sure by now she's up to 15 lbs.  I recently got out the 6-9 month clothes and the 9-12 isn't too far behind. 

Sleep: We are getting there.  She's down for the night at 630.  This past week I started dream feeding Piper at 10pm before I go to bed (or move from sleeping on the couch to our bed).  This usually means she wakes up to nurse around 130/2 and then sleeps until 5ish. At 5 she usually comes into bed with me where I nurse her back to sleep until Lilys up at 630.  Naps are pretty good (really good at daycare) 830-10am and 130-330ish.

Food: Nursing is still going great. I'm pretty tired of pumping at work but I love nursing when I'm with Piper so I don't see stopping anytime soon.  She also gets formula here and there depending on my supply.  We've introduced oat cereal too which she loves. She got so excited her whole body was shaking.  I'm excited to try more solids once she can sit up on her own.

New milestones: rolling all over, grabbing toes, using her jumpy saucer thing (with a pillow under her feet), sitting in the bumpo and talking up a storm.  Rollie said on Saturday she literally did not stop babbaling. 

Lily is becoming such an amazing big sister. Watching them start to interact and play together just melts my heart.


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