Park City

The week after New Years we packed up and headed to Park City, UT to meet up with my two best friends from High School and their families.  We were fortunate enough to get a great deal on a rental condo from a friend of mine.  The sleeping arrangements weren't ideal for 5 kids under 5 (yes, 5 kids under 5!) but we made the best of it.   Two of the three of us had cancelled flights but Alaskan ended up booking us direct with Delta so it ended up fine.  Shannon and crew got super delayed until that evening. The Yosts picked us up from the Airport Thursday afternoon and we headed to the condo-it was super foggy and snowing but we had sun the rest of the weekend!   We unpacked and then headed downtown for a bite to eat.  We went to a cute little BBQ joint and the kids were surprisingly well behaved after traveling all day.

The next morning the boys went skiing so us girls tackled all the kiddos in ski gear and headed out to explore.  I'm sure we looked like a circus! We took the free gondola up to the Canyons village, got a bite to eat and played in the snow.  This was Lily and Piper's first time seeing snow!  They LOVED it! We headed home for naps (or attempted naps!) and then met the boys back up at the village for Apres Ski.  That night we ordered pizza in.

Saturday we rented some skis for Lily and Samuel and hiked out back to the run just behind the condo.  The kids all loved sledding and Lily was a total pro on skis. The three of us headed into town that afternoon to shop a bit, kid free.  That night we hired a local babysitter and went out for dinner.  Park City is such a cute little town and it was packed everywhere! We ate ate Tupelo and then met up with a friend of mine who was in town and a friend of Stephanie's who lives in Salt Lake City at a bar after dinner.

Sunday we played in the snow more and ate lunch up at the village.  Shannon, Stephanie and I went and got massages and then brought back Mexican food for dinner.

We flew home super early Monday morning-Over 20 years of friendship together!  It was so nice to have our kids play together too!


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