This winter has been the wettest since I've lived here.  We are of course coming out of severe drought from the last 6 years-so this is what most people say is a 'normal' winter.  Kerry and Kristen live in Guerneville which sits right on the Russian River.  They have been flooded in or out of their property at least twice now.  During the first big storm in January they actually drove their RV to our house and stayed for a week.  It was sooooo much fun having them their.  We were like a little compound, cooking, cleaning and borrowing food from each other.

The weekend after Park City we celebrated Kristen's 30th birthday.  Kerry went above and beyond to surprise her with friends and family members from across the states.  The final party was a surprise 80s themed party at Big Bottom Market one night. I made cupcakes and helped Kerry with the decor. We of course dressed up and had a blast! The girls had their first official sleepover with the Kliegl girls :)

Now into March I'm pretty happy the winter is behind us.  I work near the Russian River in a valley-so I've been almost stranded at work twice now and we've had to take the longer way into work for several weeks.  Everything is nice and green now and the mustard is starting to sprout in the vineyards!

Besides that January seems to have been a blur.  I'm pretty sure at least one or two of us were sick the entire month of January and February.  Some Monday play dates with Sally & Jackie, waiting in a cold early line for Kindergarten registration, a visit from my Aunt and Uncle and Chinese New Year celebration.


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