The 'cook' in me

I've been cooking and baking more over the last few months and I'm sure alot of has to do with the time of year but I also LOVE our kitchen so that doesn't hurt!  Usually its somewhat 'healthy' unless its for a special my recent work bake-off and my Holiday Cookie Swap party...with the exception of tonight... we made beer cheese soup with some great local Bear Republic Racer 5 beer...and it was delicious!  I usually just snap a pic with my Iphone vs. getting out the SLR so Rollie suggested that I blog about our beer cheese soup adventure tonight and add a few other pics from the past few months of baking and cooking so her goes...

Beer Cheese Soup 1-10-11

Duckhorn Bake-off, Apple pie with Carmel Rum Sauce

Cookie Swap Holiday Party, Andes Mint Brownies

My first whole roasted chicken (At the time practicing for Thanksgiving)

Roasted Caprese Salad for the Muro's visit to Wine Country



  1. You have a food blog! Love it! I'm trying to start one myself but all I have is the title (


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