Rotisserie and Wine

Last night we ventured over to Napa to try out Tyler Florence's new restaurant Rotisserie and Wine with a few of my friends from Duckhorn.   I of course researched the menu and yelp reviews prior to our visit and was very excited to try new did Rollie, which I was very surprised/proud of.  The decor was to die for, half cut wine barrel chandeliers, pottery-barn-ish rustic wood and metal table and chairs, a great foyer with cozy leather chairs and a coffee table made from crates resting on wheels...along with a great centerpiece of real cotton branches in a short wide jar.  This is exactly the new decor scheme I'm going with!  We got to our table and noticed that all of the dishes, glasses, water jugs, and napkins have the initials "R.W" engraved in them for Rotisserie and Wine...or in our house Rollie Wright!  This made our experience even better.  We all started off with some great local beer, Racer 5 from Bear Republic up in Healdsburg.  The menu is pretty small but it has some great eclectic dishes and is organized as snacks, to share/meat board, the rotisserie and fixins'! We decided to go family style and order a bunch of things to share...good thing because I couldn't make up my mind.  There were five of us and we went with the following:
-cheese puffs with bacon mornay, aged vella jack cheese, and chives
-fried r&w scrapple with smoked honey mustard
-beet and avocado salad with red quinoa, fuyu persimmon, and pistachio
-buttermilk biscuits and gravy with brussel sprouts and shaved ham
-sonoma duck confit  & cracklin waffles with maple syrup, whiskey and quince soffrito
-petaluma chicken with salsa verde and rotisserie potatoes
-sonoma bbq lamb ribs with curried yams w/ banana
-side of mac and cheese...of course
-and last but not least a side of hudson ranch broccoli with pine nuts, capers, raisins, and aged vella jack cheese...we need some greens, right?!
I know it sounds like a ridiculous amount of food but majority of the dishes are mean for 2 people to share and there were 5 of us...the portions were pretty small.  We drank some '04 Duckhorn Howell Mountain Red Wine thanks to Chloe and rounded off the night with a glass of dessert wine, Gonzales Byass, Solera 1847 Oloroso Dulce NV (jerez) or sherry yummy!  Now my coworkers are a bit more knowledgeable when in comes to both wine and cuisine...but its so much fun trying new things are learning about them....another great reason for living in this wonderful area.  I only took one picture with my Iphone so unfortunately I don't have any pictures to pair with this post, so instead I'll leave you with a picture of this old grape press from one of our tasting trips back in October up at Kuleto Estate.  Now off to the gym to burn some off some calories from last night!


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