Glen Ellen

Its spring in January!  Its been soooo nice here and Rollie and I had a day off together yesterday so we took advantage of the weather and headed out to Glen Ellen (probably the closest wine tasting valley to us, yet it was our first time!)  We started at Loxton, which is a very small production winery, roughly 3000 cases a year specializing in syrah and zin.  We took home a bottle of late harvest zin (neither of us are usually dessert wine drinkers but it was yummy).  Next we headed over to the Glen Ellen market for some sammies...I thought our market, Olivers was great...this place was amazing...will definitely go back.
Next we hit up Eric Ross, a quaint tasting room just up the road from the center of Glen Ellen, also specializing in zin, although we took home a bottle of struttin white, an albarino with a touch of muscat...great place to come back on a chilly day, they have couches and a fire place.
Third we hit up Imagery, a winery I had heard great things about from several different people and it lived up to the expectations. Imagery has a different artist label for every vintage and varitel...they have the largest collection of labels.  The atmosphere and staff was great.  We took home a bottle of viognier and sangiovese. 

Lastly we hit up VJB cellars, another cute small tasting room just north of Glen Ellen.  We had great conversation with our wine educator and took home a bottle of their Rosso red wine, which we enjoyed ironically at Rosso Pizza last night for dinner.  Lovely day off!


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