Closing Time!

Well it doesn't suprise me that I haven't written since the 2nd because we've been waiting, and waiting and waiting to hear the news on our house (yes, we can now offically call it our house). After almost 2 months (we put the bid in on April 27th) we found out last week that we offically got the house we've been losing sleep over.  Buying a house is stressful enough for anyone, but the fact that we also had to be out of our current rental by June 30th made it 10x worse.  Our current landlord (after begging and pleading) would not allow us to go month to month, and having high hopes that we were going to find a house we didn't want to sign the minimum 6 month lease.  If it came down to it everything was going into storage and we were going to find a extended stay hotel...or stay with friends.  We are scheduled to close next Thursday, June 30th, as well as move in...should be an intresting/busy day but we couldn't be more excited.  This will be my 8th or 9th (I've lost track) move in the 8 years that I've lived in California...and Rollie is up there as well.  I think the most exciting this about moving into a place that we own is that 1. we are going to be there for a while and 2. we can do whatever we want to it.  Which brings me to my next 'list' the to-do list of all to-do lists.  I'll be using this blog to help us keep track of our remolding priortites, because otherwise I will just have a million sticky notes posted on my planner...yes I still use a planner and always will...there's just something about crossing things off and using a highligther that I never get tired of.

Anyways...on to the list.

Top Priorities (as in need to be done the first 2 weeks...hopefully)
  • Clean the entire house, including the walls to prep for paint
  • Build a fence in the backyard (rufus finally has a yard!)
  • Rip up the carpet and prepare for new carpet and hardwood to be installed
  • Paint all 1669 sqaure feet including all the trim and molding
  • Buy a fridge
  • Install some sort of lattice/barrier underneath the deck so Rufus along with other critters can't crawl under.
  • Rip up the existing tile in the guest bathroom, repair the sub-flooring and install new tile
  • Install master bedroom closet organization system
  • Install a new screen door from the living room to deck
  • Replace all of the interior doors...depending on the cost?
  • Paint all of the kitchen cabinets white
  • Rent a dumpster to get rid of the ugly shed in the side yard...along with all the random goodies we might stumble upon inside of it
  • Find wine storage area (possibly turn one of the closets into a 'cellar')
Outside To Do's
  • Conquer the yard...figure out some sort of minimal low cost landscape plan
  • Buy furniture for the deck
  • Plant an herb garden (exisiting raised wood flower bed just needs to be cleaned up)
Inside To Do's

  • Buy a new stove and microwave (both probably from 1981)
  • Furnish/decorate library/sitting room
  • Buy new couch and chairs for family room (tv room)
  • Find artwork for master bedroom
  • Paint built in bookshelves in guest room
  • Make gallery photo wall either in dining room or hallway
  • Revamp garage
  • Re-tile guest shower, new vanity, mirror, lighting, etc
  • New lighting in master bathroom
  • New ceiling fan in family room
  • Paint stone fireplace and install a mantel
  • Install curtains/blinds everywhere
I'm sure there are many other things to add...but I think this is a good start!


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