A huge wrench in the plan...

Today was supposed to be an exciting day...our last day in our loft before moving into our new house tomorrow...until we got the call that we won't be getting keys until the 5th (next Tuesday).  Not cool.  As if this whole process wasn't stressful and lengthy enough, we now have this.  We both had 3 days off work to move, clean, paint, rip up carpet, and many other projects.  We've transferred electric/gas, cable, and water.  We scheduled movers, carpet installers, and hardwood installers.  I've been moping around all morning mad at the world but I'm realizing thats not going to change the situation.  As Rollie (the always positive amazing hubby) said this morning... at least we are getting the house, right?! Right.  It's just going to make for a very interesting week next week.  I have a busy 3 day Holiday weekend coming up at work and already took today off to sign papers (which is now happening tomorrow) and finish packing. Its looking like Rollie will have to be here on Tuesday with the movers while I work and then hopefully I can take Wednesday off to help rip out carpet and paint.  Oh and luckily our landlord at the last minute said we can stay through next week because originally we had to also be out of our place tomorrow.  Yep.  Now what to do with the next 2 days off?!  I'm probably going to try and work Friday since I'll now need a day off next week.  Movies, window shop for furniture, wine tasting, something in the city, the bay?  These might be the last few 'free' days we have for a long long time...lots of house projects.
leaving our resort at the end of our honeymoon


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