Master bedroom

Its not exactly done, but when is a room ever done?!  I made a trip down to Ikea today and forgot how completely overwhelming that place is.  I mostly focused on some finishing touches for our master bedroom (with the exception of art work and baseboards)  We are probably the most excited about the fact that we hung some curtains and are hoping to sleep past 5:30am tomorrow morning, our bedroom is east facing.  Here are some up to date pictures of the master...not done yet but looking a lot better than the rest of the house...
before...just over a week ago

today 7/15...sorry for the odd shadow from the fan

bought a new rug at ikea, $19.99 steal!

better shot of the rug

bought matching table lamps, also $19.99 each at ikea.  I also added a lighted mirror for my vanity ($22.99 target) and a candle holder from ikea ($2.50) for my make up brushes.
new curtains and rod for the sliding glass door...also ikea
new curtains from ikea too ($19.99 for two huge panels...need to hem them!)


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