WARNING: Gross Home Improvement Post

So for the last few weeks we've been masking the smell of our master bathroom toilet with air fresheners, spray, candles, etc.  But neither of us could take it anymore.  It smelled like old pee.  Yes gross, but one of the fun things about being a homeowner.  After some research and asking around we decided to replace the wax seal ring that rests between the actual toilet bowl and your floor.  It wasn't a hard project but a gross one.  Thank god for rubber gloves, face masks, sponges and an insane amount of cleaning supplies.  We forgot to grab the camera until mid way through and then we also forgot to snap a picture of the nice clean new wax ring but here are a few 'during' process.  Basically Rollie lifted and held the toilet while I did the dirty work.  He claims this is even since he electrocuted himself trying to figure out our light switches and covers....hmmmm...ok!
Old gross wax ring...and dirty floors and wall

Toilet hanging out in the shower

yep that's me scraping it off

Just in case you weren't grossed out enough... a close up

A beautiful pic of Rollie's 'clean' electrical work :)


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