Week 3...going on week 4 :)

Can't believe that we've only been here for a little over 3 weeks...it seems like much much longer.  We are tired but still trucking along at 110%.  We've really accomplished alot in the last week.  Here is our old 'list':

-Organize garage/tools (Anne, Rollie's stepmom was nice enough to drive up this past Thursday and bring us a bunch of Rollie's dads old tools...these will definitley come in handy!)  done last night :)
-Figure whole house paint color out and paint (all but living room painted...planning on doing that tomorrow, color: sand drift lowe's valspar)
-fence, wood is here need to figure out the design
-fix master toilet, supplies bought need to do tomorrow
-buy & install interior doors (we want white to match all the trim we are paiting...not the dark wood that we currently have) (plan scratched...old doors back up and will eventually paint white)
-buy and install new screen doors
-contact paper shelves in guest bath and organize
-dump run/pick up (there is a massive pile on the side of the house going on)
-find patio furniture
-finish hanging lights on patio
-clear out boxed in garden area in back yard, plant some herbs

We've also:
-painted guest room
-organized the 3rd 'storage' bedroom
-put out a few decorations, hoping to hang some artwork tomorrow
-installed/switched out new crisp white outlet & light switch covers
-trimmed tree in backyard for better view of the vineyard
-bought new scones for deck, need to install
-ordered new pillow covers for family room
-cleaned up lemon tree and backyard a bit

After tomorrow we are going to take a little break, at least for a few nights or a week.  Then I'm sure we will be back to the grind before our vacation at the end of August. 

Pictures to come tomorrow after we hang some artwork :)


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