26 Weeks

26 weeks, 1 day my 31st birthday
25 weeks, 5 days hiking at Iao State Park
26 weeks, sunset at Hotel Wailea

Cooking time: 26 weeks, 4 days
Weight gain: +12 pounds...HELLO!  Well I had a doctors appointment today and I've gained 7 pounds since my last appointment....yikes!  I'm blaming it totally on airplane water bloat since we just got back last night.  It has nothing to do with the burgers, ice cream, banana bread, steak, french fries, cinnamon rolls or shaved ice that I indulged in while on vacation.  I was beating myself up about it this morning but this was bound to happen since I barley gained any weight during my first two trimesters.  Let's just hope this isn't a trend...from here on out 1/2 a pound a week would be a nice goal!
Maternity clothes: I packed WAY to much for Hawaii.  I lived in my bathing suit & bathing suit cover up and my two maxi skirts from Target.  I'm actually going to return a few things that I bought and didn't even wear since its officially summer and I'll probably just wear dresses and skirts I already have.
Food cravings: Still fruit, red meat and sweets...and fish was so good in Hawaii that I kept craving it...but don't worry none of the high mercury fish
Food dislikes: some veggies just don't taste great
Missing: Laying on my stomach, fruity cocktails, sleeping through the night, and a new one...putting on shoes easily (its not impossible yet but its getting tougher to bend over)

What we've been up to:
We just got back from Maui last night so we spent all day running errands, doing laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping, getting new tires, cleaning...all the fun stuff :(  But at least we got to do it together.  We had the most amazing trip (I'll do a detailed post soon) and we really just enjoyed each others company and shared our thoughts about what life will be like in just a few short 13 weeks.  We need to seriously start working on the nursery!


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