28 weeks

Cooking time: 28 weeks, 4 days
Weight gain: +10 pounds as of Sunday (28 week mark) +11 pounds as of today
Maternity clothes: oh yeah...dresses and skirts.  It was 92 today...yikes! Luckily even without a/c our house stays very cool if we keep all the blinds and windows shut...and living in the 'coastal' region, even though its 15 miles away we get an amazing breeze come 6pm and are able to open all the windows again.
Food cravings: Well, yesterday it was strawberry shortcake and today it was grilled veggies and hot dogs so I gave into both.  Trader Joes has these amazing biscuits topped with a tiny bit of sugar that I used as shortcake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream...yummy. We made grilled turkey dogs, grilled cheesy potatoes and grilled veggies tonight and it definitely hit the spot.   
Food dislikes: nothing
Missing: sleeping through the night (a trend that will never go away)...I seem to be getting up 3 times a night to pee now, up from the 2 times.  Just feeling 'normal'...we had a crazy busy weekend at work (3 day Memorial Day weekend) and I started to experience some ligament pain in my pelvis area.  I rested yesterday and today for the most part but I'm not sure how I'm going to get through these next couple of months at work...sitting breaks will be critical. 
What we've been up to:
-I passed my glucose test....yippee!  But found out I'm very anemic and need to take iron supplements.
-We put closet organization system together as well as some fun accessories in nursery
-Still waiting on back crib part (it was missing in box) and I'm not very happy with Graco right now because we've left several messages regarding when it will be shipped out.
-Rollie painted the trim in our bathroom (originally oak...now nice crisp white) it was the last of the trim to be painted in the whole house.
-We bought a baby pool for Rufus and our feet for the summer time in the backyard.  He loved it today! 
-We're heading down to LA on Saturday for my baby shower on Sunday...I can't wait to see friends and family.  Of course wishing my Michigan family would be there but I know I will see them all soon :)
-We saw 'What to expect when your expecting' last night (that's what the picture above is from) and then we walked around our downtown Farmer's Market.


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