30 Weeks

29 weeks, 6 days

Cooking time: 30 weeks...10 more to go! 
Weight gain: If I had to guess I would say 13...I haven't weighed myself in a few days and I skipped my 29 week post...sorry!
Maternity clothes: Still rocking the maxi skirts and dresses...its about the only thing that's comfortable and one good thing about being pregnant in the summertime.  I couldn't imagine always having to wear jeans or leggings in the winter time.
Food cravings: hot dogs (nitrate free from trader joes are awesome), Popsicles, and of course cheeseburgers.
Food dislikes: nothing
Missing: being comfortable...this is definitely the stage where things get tough...getting up off the couch, bending over to put shoes on, and getting up 3-4 times a night to pee.
What we've been up to: 
-Last weekend on Saturday night we drove down to Los Angeles after work.  We arrived to our best friend Dina's house around 12:30am and crashed.  Sunday morning we woke up and I got ready for my first baby shower.  Dina and Kerry threw me a lovely brunch shower at Marmalade cafe in El Segundo.  It was a great size, about 12 of us so I was really able to catch up with old friends and family.  Baby Wright sure is spoiled too!  After the shower we relaxed over at the Muro's and enjoyed the company of good friends.  Later that afternoon we stopped by the Elmore's to visit with Libby their 7 month old and Madison who is almost 3.  They were more than generous giving us tons of hand me downs...a stroller, swing, bathtub, and enough clothes to last her for the first 6 months...so nice!  Sunday evening we ordered in a pizza to Dina's and called it a night.  Monday we visited our favorite deli with Rollie's two best college buddies before hitting the road back home.  Short but sweet trip.
-We are still waiting on our crib part...supposed to be here Tuesday, but the nursery is coming along with some organization and more accessories. 
-This past weekend my two best friends, Stephanie and Shannon came from Chicago.  They flew in late on Thursday night.  Friday we enjoyed some wine tasting and lunch in Dry Creek Valley.  Friday night Rollie's best friend from High School Chris, his wife Amy and their two kids came over to for dinner.  We hadn't seen them in 2 years since they moved to Germany so it was really nice to spend sometime with them.  They are headed back to Germany for 2 more years, but we definitely might have sparked the idea of us visiting them in Spring of 2014...I know far away but possible!  Saturday we headed down to San Fran for some sightseeing, lunch, and shopping.  Saturday night the 3 of us and the hubs headed into Santa Rosa to our favorite wine bar and ordered some pasta from our favorite nearby Italian restaurant. They left this morning back to Chicago and Rollie and I have had one of the laziest days we've had in months...its been great! 


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