32 Weeks

sorry for the cheesy look on my face! 

Cooking time: 32 weeks, 3 days
Weight gain: +15 lbs...although these days I feel like its 40 extra pounds that I'm carrying around!
Maternity clothes: Dresses & Skirts...I actually wore my black 'skinny' maternity pants to work on Monday and they were a bit snug in the waist...again, good thing its summer and I can wear dresses!
Food cravings: hotdogs and sweets
Food dislikes: nothing
Missing: Sleep...the insomnia is getting worse and I'm peeing about 4 times a night.
What we've been up to: 
-We both have had really busy weeks with work, which stinks because were both exhausted and not spending much time with each other but on the other hand we are working hard for our baby girl.  
-We put up the 'mobile' in the nursery...its a collage of lanterns and paper decorations in one of the corners...I love it and love Rollie for being patient enough to put it up :)
-We had our 2nd week of birthing classes tonight  and it was great...we had a sub the first night and then last week our instructor was sick so it was our first time meeting her and we both loved her...she is super down to earth and doesn't sugar coat anything.
-Feeling lots of movement these days...not just kicks but actual rolls too, and I think she is head down but its tough to tell.


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