31 weeks

Cooking time: 31 weeks, 2 days...can't believe we are only 9 weeks away! 
Weight gain: +14 lbs...right on track for sticking to my goal of 20-25
Maternity clothes: dresses, dresses, dresses.  The shorts in the picture above are some maternity bermuda jean shorts but by the end of dinner that night I was SUPER uncomfortable...I'm sticking to dresses from here on out.
Food cravings: rootbeer floats are my new thing
Food dislikes: nothing
Missing: Really feeling like my whole stomach is stretching, especially in the late afternoon so I'm getting more uncomfortable and I know its not going to get any better.  Also of course still missing sleeping through the night....the peeing is out of control, and I'm trying not to drink much at night but also worry about fluid intake so its a tough call.
What we've been up to: Not much since last week.  We started child birth classes last Tuesday, but tonight's class got cancelled because our instructor is sick so that was a bit of a bummer...both of us were looking forward to it, but she did say that she will reschedule.   We've done a few things to the nursery...crib skirt, hung the stuffed animal net, and a little more organization.  I need to work on the gallery wall next. 


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