33 Weeks

33 weeks...3 days after getting home from San Francisco last night

trying to be artsy

Rollie playing around with the camera...I don't even look pregnant here compared to the other pic above!

Cooking time: 33, 3 days
Weight gain: +17...up 2 pounds from last week but I definitely feel like its all her!
Maternity clothes: Same...new maxi skirt in the picture above,  I now have purple, grey, and black from Target...that should last me for the rest of the summer and post postpartum. 
Food cravings: sweets mostly but I definitely can't eat big portions these days, there just isn't enough room.
Food dislikes: nothing
Missing: sleep, beer (especially being 4th of July today), and just feeling comfortable. 
What we've been up to: 
-We've been keeping busy which makes the time go by fast.  On Sunday night we had dinner in Napa with some of Rollie's family friends.  I had milk chocolate creme brulee for dessert that was sooooo good! 
-My work schedule changed until I go on maternity leave, so I now have Mondays and Tuesdays off which is great because Rollie has Mondays off, so we spent a great day together on Monday with lunch in downtown Petaluma at Sugo, outlet shopping, and some housework (chores are always more fun together)
-Last night we headed down to the city for dinner and a show...we bought tickets to American Idiot Musial back in November.  Before the show we had dinner at Green Chili Kitchen, a recommendation from my boss...Rollie was in heaven, being that it was New Mexico style food.  The show was fantastic, really made me want to do more things like that!
-Today we are both working, but at least they are short days, and then I think we are just having a few friends over to BBQ tonight.  Being this far along I don't really want to deal with parking/crowds at a big fireworks show...maybe we can see some from our house??
-I started 'nesting' this week big time...I washed a ton of nursery items, sheets, blankets, and some clothing and then I also cleaned out and organized my own closet which felt great!


  1. You look wonderful!! Plan to eat a little bit of food often (and peeing even more often). You are going to be a beautiful family.


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