Project Baby 'W' Nursery

Well we are almost done with the nursery.  There are a few more little things to be done, but its looking pretty great! This room sat pretty much empty for 9 months.  We had a little wallpaper issue but looking at it now no one would know.  Long story short the previous homeowners (or original homeowners) put up some lovely floral wallpaper but unfortunately the did it without using any primer so over the years the glue had soaked into the our options were to take it down and refinish the entire texture of the walls ($$$$$) or paint over it.  We went with option #2.  Luckily it was only the top half of the walls.  We also painted the ceiling, dark trim, and ripped out the existing closet rods.  Take a look at this room before (this picture was taken the week we moved in while we were painting our bedroom and waiting for our new bed to be delivered)...

Now here is what it looks like!
Alphabet family has been helping me collect for a couple years now.

Closet...we took the doors off for now, we might add new ones or a curtain at some point.
Oh, and I think she has a few clothes :)

Up close :)

Stuffed animal net

My bear, Oliver from when I was a baby

We opted for a corner 'mobile' vs. one right above the crib.  I love how it turned out...super cheap project! 

Crib....I made the crib skirt from some fabric found on and I have several different crib sheets
...and don't worry the pillows and boppy won't stay once she's sleeping in there.  The musical giraffe is also
hanging on the inside.

Changing table/dresser.  My free find on craigslist! Absolutely love how it turned out, I thought the
hot pink would possibly be too much but its my favorite thing in the room.  My mother in law sewed the
changing pad cover with some fabric I found on

Gallery wall above the dresser. Some DIY art, 'the force is strong with this one', 'sugar and spice and everything nice that's what little
girls are made of', an elephant print from etsy, a piece of animal fabric, a piece of fun orange/pink wrapping paper, and a canvas fish print that we bought in Maui.  The blank picture will be a picture of baby girl.

Reading/nursing nook.  We need to reupholster the rocking chair (or get a new one) and I would like to
add some baskets to the bookshelf. 

One of my favorite gifts so far, homemade burp cloths from my best friend Stephanie.

She's going to love reading just like her Daddy.

Leggings for days! 

Hats, mittens, and headbands!


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