Feeling a bit sappy

Friendship has always meant alot to Rollie and I.  Growing up he moved around alot.  I'm sure he will correct me on this stat but I believe he attended 11 different schools.  I on the other hand lived in the same house from the time I was 3 until I graduated from High School.  I'm still extremely close to friends I grew up with but I've also made amazing friends along the way whether it was college, Los Angeles, or in our current life here in Santa Rosa.  Its definitely a struggle to balance work, home, family and friends but I'd like to think that both of us do a pretty good job of keeping in touch with people.  In a perfect world we would all live in driving distance of each other, but then we wouldn't have people to visit all over the country...even world! We've been crazy busy (again) lately with dinners, happy hours, golf dates, brunch dates, playgroups, walking dates, summer concerts, birthday parties, weddings, and travel but we like it that way.  The other night at 'book club' happy hour I realized that until life screams at us to slow down, we probably won't.  And that slow down will probably be a 2nd child that is a complete 180 from Lily (he/she probably won't sleep through the night, won't let us travel all over with him/her, and be a picky eater) so until then we are going to embrace our crazy schedules and enjoy life.  For anyone who reads this if I haven't said it lately or if I haven't ever said it...I love you and I truly appreciate our friendship.  Our lives wouldn't be the same without the amazing friendships we've created along the way.


  1. Aweeeeee I feel ya!!!!! <3 SOOOO happy to have you guys in our lives!!! Love yall!


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