Week(s) in Review

 I'm super behind and frankly too tired right now to review the last two weeks so here we go super brief style.

-playgroup fun at Sarah's

-Shopping for birthday stuff

-Picking up Grandma L

-Lunch with Grandma L

-Dinner Club down in San Fran at Bluoxme Street

-More fun with Grandma L

-pool time in the backyard with Grandma L

-Post birthday fun at Cellars (more for the adults then Lily of course)

-Lunch and boat watching at Point Cavallo

-Eating Lasagna

-Fun at the Russian River

-1 year Dr. check up

-Girls night out in Oakland before my mom left town

-Windsor Concert in the park

-Rollie & Lily visiting me at work

-Awesome birthday present from 'Auntie Shannon & Uncle Perry' from their honeymoon in Ireland

Phew...ok time for a relaxing Sunday.


  1. OMG! That little tushy is soooo stinkin cute. :-)

    And I look way too excited to be at the concert on the green. Who let me out of the house!?


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