Random thoughts

I don't claim to be a 'blogger' by any means, but I've been thinking I need to be a bit more creative than just weekly updates about our lives.  So ill start tonight with a few random thoughts going through my head.

-We got a new washer & dryer yesterday.  I've never owned a brand new appliance such as this with the exception of a fridge.  It's amazing.  I think I've done atleast 6 loads of laundry in 24 hours.

-I'm ready for Fall.  I bought my first pair of cowboy boots yesterday and I can't wait to rock them.  I'm ready for dark nsil polish, pumpkin spice lattes, boots, scarves, college football, and cooler weather.

-We rejoined a gym and I've enjoyed trying out some new classes this week including bootcamp which really kicked my ass Sunday morning.  

-I haven't been sleeping well.  The only thing I can relate it to is working out again but that seems silly.

-We booked out tickets to Germany for the end of March! We are so excited!

-One of my best friends Dina comes this weekend, Yipee!

-It's hard to do it all.  Some days it feels down right impossible.  Be a good mom, be a good wife, keep a clean house, cook healthy meals, work a full time job, keep in touch with friends afar and see friends nearby, take time for myself, write a blog, pay enough attention to my first child (Rufus), 'garden' (aka not kill our shrubs and grass out front that took alot of time and money to get), pay bills, look presentable, be a good daughter/sister/niece/granddaughter, and I'm sure I'm leaving a bunch out.  But bottom line is I do my best and hope that's enough :)


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