16 weeks

4 Months!  Almost half way there, crazy to believe.

Cooking time: 15 weeks, 5 days
Weight gain: +1 I weighed myself fully clothed and after I ate breakfast (still making excuses even pregnant)
Maternity clothes: Still living in yoga pants, leggings and my old jeans (with bella band).  I ordered some white skinny maternity jeans, white linen maternity shorts, and some jean bermuda maternity shorts for Hawaii!
Food cravings: Still going with the red meat craze.
Food dislikes: Nothing yet.
Missing: sleeping through the night and just feeling normal.  This past week I just plain old haven't felt great, maybe I'm fighting a cold or something but I've had bad headaches, tummy aches and the tiredness is back a bit.  The best way to describe it is a hungover feeling, but clearly that's not the reason :)

What we've been up to: 
Not much, which is nice!  Rollie painted our master bathroom and it looks great.  We don't have the money to fully renovate or bathrooms at the moment so painting them to compliment the 1980's brown and cream tile is the best we can do.  I had a horrible headache on Tuesday, maybe even I migraine (not really sure what to compare it to) so I stayed home from work and literally did nothing.  I've been catching up on movies, reading and pintresting (yep its a verb now).


  1. thanks for sharing all of this! I am really liking following your thoughts as each day passes. I wish I had done/thought of something like this so many years ago, then I'd have the memories to look back on. Keep it up, I am into it!


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