3.4 Spring

Spring has sprung around here...but in reality we never really got winter.  We've had week after week of 60-70 degree beautiful sunny days...no complaints here, just a big change from the cold rainy winter last year.  The flowers are blooming, the vines are budding, and the birds are chirping.  There was definitely no way I could just post one picture today to represent spring.  Knowing my 'assignment' for the day I actually made an effort to bring my camera to work, so here are a few outdoor shots to show the great season we are in...cherry/plum tree blossoms, mustard fields, grapvines, flowers, etc!  To top it off Rollie bought me a trader joes flower arrangement today so I made 3 smaller arrangements around the house :)

Tree's that look like snow in front of Trefethen winery

These are even more amazing in the fall...bright oranges and reds

Mustard cover crop on my drive home

Flowers in front of Castello Di Amorosa (the castle winery)

bouquet 1-kitchen window (really need to clean my windows!)

bouquet 2-dining room table

bouquet 3-nightstand


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