3.2 Love

This one was tough because I could have picked many things to photograph.  On my way to work this morning I was thinking about how much I do love my job...I work at a beautiful winery in Napa Valley, I get to hang out with a great team at work, and I talk to customers about wine all day...yep, not too bad.  Sure there are some cons, I work almost every Holiday, every Saturday and Sunday (unless I take a vacation day) , I have 50 miles round trip commute, and I come across some entitled rich a-holes who think the world revolves around them...but  90% of the time its pretty darn good...oh and I have great benefits and make decent money for what I do.  On my way home from work I thought about how much I love where we live (we being my husband and doggie whom I also love so much).  Never in a million years would I have imagined that we would own a house (that I love) in 'wine country' that actually backs up to 2 acres of vineyards that I get to look at every single day (its not our 2 acres but its great to look at).  We live in a great safe neighborhood with a 2 minute drive to downtown Santa Rosa which is the perfect size town...sure, sometimes I wish we had better shopping but really that's my only complaint.  We are an hour from San Francisco, in my opinion the best big city there is and we are 30 minutes from the coast (its of course no comparison to the beaches in LA where we used to live but its so peaceful gorgeous. And of course one of the reasons I moved to California in the first place; great weather...especially up here because I get to experience seasons again!  I also love my family and where I came from (Michigan) which brings me to the picture I took today. My aunt Heidi and Uncle Perry brought me the cutest gift last week while visiting...a Love stamp and Love mug (but the letter 'v' is a silhouette of Michigan)! I love it! 


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