Another good day...

Lily and I walked spring lake this morning with our new mom friends/babies; Miceala/ensley and Cameron/Reese. It's really nice to meet normal people my age, with babies the same age and that can hold a good conversation. I'm a pretty out going person and have met some great friends here (santa rosa/napa) but I knew after having lily I'd really want to connect with women that also had kids. We left some amazing friends in la and right after we left they all had kids! (you know who you are...) but luckily it seems like it will be easier to connect with other moms than I thought. Thanks Cameron and Miceala (I know your stalking...I mean reading :)

Anyways, after our walk we headed down to San Rafael to have lunch with Rollie and show lily off to his coworkers. We had a nice time and I wish he was a bit closer (and he does too) because we'd do that more often. Lucky for me near his work is a great outdoor mall, so lily and I headed to corte madera for a little shopping.

I'm a very cheap/frugal shopper. My wardrobe basically consists of target, old navy, and gap (if its on sale). I knew going into today that I wanted to buy a new jacket, something for our Northern California winters and something I can wear home in Michigan in a few weeks. I ended up trying on about 6 jackets at the north face and settled on the apex bionic jacket in a dark teal color (yep not black...I was adventurous). I love it and I know it will last forever. Then I went to lululemon. Now I do own a jacket, scarf, tank, sweatshirt, and pair of pants from here (the later 2 gifts from a great friend!) but I wanted some new workout pants. I tried on a few, loved them, made my butt look fantastic but I just couldn't pay $90 for workout pants! Rollie's happy with this decision :)

I also went into loft...which I typically wouldn't have but the whole store was 40% off! And they had super cute stuff but lily started to get fussy so I had to cut it short :( ill have to go back!


  1. You are too funny - i love our thursday morning jogs! xoxoxo


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