Not so tech savvy

I finally downloaded an app so I can blog from my phone (thanks to the suggestion from my new playgroup mom friends). I'm liking it although I can only upload iPhone pics which is great for impromptu posts but for longer in depth posts ill still use our laptop so I can upload pics from our camera.

Anyways, lily and I had a good day today. Long walk at spring lake with Cameron/Reese & micaela/ensley, followed by the mall (momma got new boots!), and then home to clean, cook and relax.

I took this pic early this morning...even though I'm exhausted with lilys changing sleeping patterns I can't get get mad at this face...

The following pic is lily playing on the mat, it was close to 90 again today so she got a little more use out of her cute romper...I'm ready for fall to come back though!


  1. I just LOVE the first picture. She is obviously in bliss right then. She is changing so fast!! I like the idea of the app - it will make it easier to post "on the fly" without having to put too much time and work into it. See ya soon.


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