Lily 8 weeks

Weight: No clue! My guess is somewhere around 9.5 lbs...we will find out next Tuesday at her 2 month check up.  She had quite the growth spurt this past weekend eating every 1 1/2-2 hours for 48 hours, needless to say we were both exhausted.

Health: Great!

Diet:  100% breastmilk

Clothing: 0-3 month fit great and some 3 month outfits are fitting pretty good.  I was really excited last week to have her in tights, leggings, jeggings, and leg warmers but then it hit 90 again yesterday so at least we are getting some wear out of her cute summer clothes.

Sleep: Getting worse :(  After her growth spurt she's still waking up twice at night (usually between 1-2 and then again between 4-5) whereas before she was only waking up around 3 and then again between 6-7.  She naps great in her crib, swing or car seat if we are out and about but I'm really hoping we can go back to the original nighttime schedule or even sleeping through the night before I head back to work.

Baby Gear We're loving:
We love the BOB.  I'm doing stroller strides twice a week (a 60 minute walking/strength training group workout) and then trying to walk the other days.  She went from hating to loving her swing.  Our very close friends in Germany sent us a Sophie straight from Paris (a rubber giraffe toy) that she loves, she already hangs on to it and snuggles with it...too cute!  Soothie pacifiers are great, she's not total reliable on it but it does soothe her if she gets fussy when we are out and about, but rarely needs it to fall asleep.

*Still does great with tummy time and loves lying on her back on the activity zoo mat...she's bats and grabs the hanging toys now which is so cute to watch.
*Loves walks and car rides, falls right asleep...but does not like to be stopped in the car.
*Loves the bjorn but still facing in, hopefully in the next week or so we can try her facing out.

Milestones/Firsts:  Lots of cooing and ooing going on...sometimes she 'talks' to herself for a good 20-30 minutes in her crib before falling asleep, but she's totally content and happy.  Tons of smiling going on too which is the best thing ever!  She rolled over once from tummy to back a couple weeks ago but haven't seen it again.  She almost always gets completely out of her swaddle at night so it looks like its time to use the velcro ones or just let her be free in cozy pajamas.

Postpartum:  I was feeling good at my 6 week check up last, I was 2 lbs from pre-pregancy weight but then I gained a few back this past weekend.  I have a feeling alot of it could be from her growth milk supply definitely increased and I've heard you can hang on to a few extra pounds while still nursing.  I'm still trying to do weight watchers but I think its going to be really hard to shed alot of pounds while still nursing and right now nursing is more important to me.  Although I am actually 'working out' now vs. just walking so maybe that will help.

Here is picture overload...just can't get enough!


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