Lily 4 Months

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!  We finally have a day off the 3 of us...and then Lily and I are home together tomorrow and then we of course will all be home together on Christmas Day.  Its going to be a very quiet Christmas.  Its been very very bittersweet this year.  Part of me feels more complete than ever celebrating Lily's first Christmas but then a part of me is very sad and empty being the first Christmas without my Dad.  But I know he's watching us and smiling knowing that we are celebrating his granddaughters first Christmas.  This morning I finally got around to taking her 4 month pictures...

Today Rollie's step-mom Anne is coming up for lunch and to visit with us all for a bit, tonight maybe we will attempt to go to a movie with Lily...not sure how that will work out.  Tomorrow I may do a bit of wine tasting with some friends and then the 3 of us going to Stark's Steakhouse for Christmas Eve dinner.  Christmas day we will probably just lounge around and watch movies all day!  Next week is one of my busiest weeks at work...ugh.  Friday my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins from Orange County come for one night and we plan on going to Russian River Brewery with cousins will love it!  Then  next Sunday we are off to LA for New Years and the Rose Bowl!  Can't wait to see all of our friends in LA and for Lily to meet alot of new people.  Busy Busy once again, so happy to be quiet this weekend.  Rollie's mom will come for a late Christmas in mid January and then my mom will come visit in early February

Weight: 12.7lbs!  We had her 4 month check up on Thursday.  My guess was 13.8lbs...I was way off!  Her height was 23.5inches.  She's in the 25% for both height and weight...our little munchkin! 

Health: She had her first cold last week.  Its so sad seeing them suffer with a stuffy nose and cough.  Luckily she never had a fever though.  She had her 4 month immunizations on Thursday and was a trooper during the appointment but was definitely a bit fussy afterwards this time around.

Diet:  Mostly breast-milk but we are supplementing formula once a day while at daycare.  I just don't pump enough for her 3 feedings while I'm away from her.

Baby Gear We're loving:
-Fisher Price Swing-Fisher Price Activity Mat-Soothies (pacifiers)
-Stuffed Giraffe sound machine-stuffed bunny, stuffed ollie the elephant (from scentsy), and new wrist rattles from her babysitter Jessica

-She rolled over from back to front at the Dr. on Thursday!!!  It was crazy, her pediatrician and I were just talking about her development and then she stepped out of the room and when the nurse walked in to administer shots she rolled over!  She tried REALLY hard again this morning after our little 4 month photo shoot...she's just finding it hard to get that last arm all the way under her.
-Really hoping she laughs this would be the perfect Christmas gift :)
-Lots more coo's, ooh's, and grr' it! 
-putting everything and anything in her mouth.

Postpartum:  Feeling very tired and having a hard time finding the balance between good employee, mom, wife, and friend.  I know it will take some time and with the craziness of the holidays its made it even tougher.  And the diet is just out the window with the Holidays...Jan. 3 it will start again.

Sleep: We are finally getting back into a nice routine.  On days that she's in daycare we come home around 5:30, I clean bottles, pump, and daycare bag getting ready for the next day.  Then its bath time and I try holding off feeding her until about 7pm then she goes down for the night.  I used to dreamfeed her around 10 or 11 but I've stopped doing that because regardless she would wake up between 2-3 to nurse anyways.  So now she usually sleeps from 7-12, one of us gives her a pacifier at 12 and she's back asleep until 2-3 when I get up and nurse her.  Then she's back asleep until 5:45...yep early riser :/  On days that she's in daycare she stays awake until her first bottle at 9 and then she takes her morning nap, but if at home she usually takes a morning nap from 7-8:30ish.

Playing with her friends...they are not normally in her crib with her

trying to roll over this morning!


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