Trying to get back on the blogging train

I've fallen off the blogging train and its really time to get back on.  Life has been a bit crazy to put it lightly.  I'm back to work, Lily's in daycare, Rollie's working 60-70 hours a week, and on top of all that its the Holidays which always make things stressful.  Just before heading back to work Lily and I headed to Michigan to meet lots of friends and family.  We were there from Nov. 7th-13th.  After returning on the 13th I was home for not even 24 hours when I found out tragically that my father had passed away.  Rollie, Lily and I turned right around and headed back Michigan.  I can't go into detail at the moment (because I'll lose it) but I'm beyond thankful that Lily met her Grandfather not just once here in California in September but in Michigan as well.  Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of them from this trip but here are a few pics from our trip.  This little angel of ours has definitely helped me more than I can express over the last month.

Lily and her Grandma :)

Meeting her Uncle for the first time!

Meeting her 2nd cousin, Liam.  So fun.

Meeting 'Auntie' Stephanie and 'Auntie' Shannon

4 Generations!

Meeting cousin Stefani

Meeting her Great Uncle Perry & Heidi

Grandma Lori & Grandpa Tom

Totally got spoiled by EVERYONE! 

My little jetsetter


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