Lily's 1st far

Its been a great Christmas weekend so far.  We are of course wishing all of our friends and family lived closer so we could spend time with everyone, but we are thankful for technology that allows us to share memories with pictures, instagram, blogs and Facebook until we can be together.

Sunday afternoon we had a visit from Anne, Rollie's step-mom.  She brought a few gifts for Lily, which were the first things she officially opened...a new peek a boo book, Oxo bowl and plate and Oxo sippy cup.  Then we all had a lovely lunch at Rosso pizza with some yummy french & Italian wines, homemade fresh burrata, and thin crust fire oven pizza's.  We love that place!

Monday (Christmas Eve) Lily and I ran some errands while Rollie worked.  Then we had a visit from two of our friends, Kerry & Kristen and enjoyed some good conversation and bubbly.  Last night Rollie, Lily and I headed to Stark's steakhouse for Christmas Eve dinner...we might have to make this a new tradition.  We enjoyed a 2003 Spring Mountain Cabernet, Caesar salad, filet mignon (me), prime rib (Rollie), brussel sprouts, mac and cheese, and frozen hot chocolate for dessert!

This morning Lily was up bright and early at 6am (which is normal anyways) we all snuggled up after I fed her by the tree and opened presents...well she watched us open hers!  For being 4 months old she made out pretty well.
-Animal sound wheel
-soft colored number & animal blocks (can be used in bath too)
-Baby Einstein animal flash cards
-Baby Einstein stuffed Octopus that says colors in English, French & Spanish
-Bob Marley tshirt
-Munchkin baby spoons and mesh teething spoons
-Caterpillar wabbanub


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