Week in review

We had a relativity busy week but at the same time relaxing if that makes any sense.

Sunday we had dinner with friends in napa at a new restaurant called the Thomas at fagianis. Everything was great, the food, company and atmosphere. Not to mention lily slept for 3 hours during dinner/drive home. I know we only have a few more months of this before she's on the go so we are enjoying it now. We've decided to start a 'dinner club' with a few friends, meeting once a month at a new restaurant, can't wait for next month!

Monday I met some girls from my playgroup for lunch to catch up about the holidays and then lily and I took a nice afternoon nap. I didn't use her infant seat in the bob for the first time but it was a little premature...

Tuesday I had playgroup which us always great and then we went in the search for a new couch. We found one and its being delivered on the 22nd!

Thursday lily tried sweet potatoes for the first time and we think she liked them?!

Saturday Rollie, his mom and lily came to visit me at work and then we celebrated a late Christmas with grandma Janet. Lily got a bunch of news books, some teething toys, and an awesome baby Einstein jumper. We got a new wood cutting board and emulsifier for the kitchen!

Today we continued with our winter cleaning/purge which we've been doing all week...one area/closet at a time and our trunk is full for goodwill...man it feels good! We just got back from a nice long walk, even though its 45 out! Brrr...and now relaxing on the couch with some bubbles and the golden globes.

I think Lilys doing some major teething but more in that in a later post.


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