Week in review

This past week was very mellow. Rollie had a bad cold midweek, and Lily got the sniffles too...everyone's back to normal now and I of course avoided it yet again (thankful for a great immune system...hopefully Lilys building one up too).

Jessica (our babysitter) spoiled Lily again with new black & grey stripped tights and super cute silver sparkly shoes. She had all boys so she loves being able to buy girly things.

Tuesday we enjoyed playgroup at Dawn & Ariyas, then had a great walk with Melissa & Jack. After walking spring lake our new couch got delivered! We LOVE it!!!

My mom arrived this afternoon and is here all week and I'm off work!! Duckhorn closes the last week of January every year for renovations. We have alot planned...decorating the house, wine tasting, San Francisco, lots of long walks, bodega bay, and of course just spoiling Lily!


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