Mother's Day weekend

Last weekend we packed up our car Thursday night after work and headed down to Carmel Valley.  Rollie's godparents have a incredible house at the preserve, and they are beyond generous to let us and our friends stay there. Thursday night by the time we got there the girls (and us) were exhausted! Piper slept in a crib in the closet and that night Lily slept with us.

Friday morning while we lounged around and waited for our first group of friends to arrive. The Patels showed up around noon so we all headed to the clubhouse for lunch. 

We headed back to the house for naps and drinks on the patio.

That evening the girls got baths before we all made pizza and opened a 3L of Duckhorn patzimaro Cabernet just in time for the Kliegls arrival.  After all the kiddos went down us adults say by the fire and drank lots of vino by the fire.

Saturday we relaxed at the house while the boys golfed.  I made monogrammed glasses for us girls.

That night Cathy had a arranged a very nice Mother's Day gift and hired us a baby sitting service.  We out the babies down but the older girls stayed up and they said the all got along great, and they even made us Mother's Day cards.

The six of us headed to the hacienda for a great kid free dinner.

We then headed back to a surprisingly quiet house and of course drank more wine by the fire and indulged in s'mores.

Sunday we all 'slept' in until 8ish and then the boys all made us a delicious Mother's Day brunch.  Sadly we all packed up and headed out before nap time.

Can't wait to do it again soon!


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