The last two weeks

Two Monday's ago after stroller strides we went shopping so I could spend some birthday money :)

Then I had some afternoon snuggles with Piper during Lilys nap.

And then we played on the deck.

Tuesday we went to stroller barre and then playgroup at Zac and Amy's.

Tuesday night I attended my first Stella & Dot community night out.
My phone has no pictures from Thursdsy through Saturday so I honestly have no clue what happened. It was busy at work though for Memorial Day weekend.

Although we did buy the girls a trampoline! 

Sunday I had a belated day to myself with a massage at Boon and then I sat by the pool. Then I met Rollie and the girls at Kristen and Kerry's for a BBQ.

And then Lily had her first official deliver at K&K house, and the did great!  The next day after a family stroller strides class we met Kerry and Kristen at Russian River Pub for the exchange of Lily. 

Tuesday morning was a bit crazy with an emergency trip to the vet er because Rufus had broken out in huge hives. After some injections of Benadryl and steroids he was back to normal, they think he got bit by something :/ We still made it to stroller barre and then we hosted playgroup.

Tuesday afternoon we took a walk around the house waiting for Rollie to get home from work. 

For the most part Piper is sleeping through the night but occasionally she wakes up around 5:00am so she then comes in with us to go back to sleep. I love it. 

Thursday night Micaela hosted a Stella and Dot party. It was a great night! I stayed up way to late afterwards chatting but us Mommas need that sometimes :)
Along with the trampoline we also got a new chaise for the girls. 

Today we had a long overdo family day at train town followed by lunch at hopmonk.  We all came home a took long naps too which was amazing :) 

Piper ate beets, goat cheese, mandarin oranges, ground beef and sweet potato fries! It's so refreshing to have atleast one good eater, just hoping she stays that way!


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