My birthday week

If you know me than you know I like to make my birthday last as long as possible :). We got back from carmel and like getting back from any vacation no matter how long there's errands to run, laundry to do and houses to clean so that's pretty much what we did that Monday. 

Tuesday we had playgroup at Kaceys and then relaxed that afternoon.

Wednesday Piper turned 8 months.

Thursday was my 34th birthday. I started the day with Starbucks thanks to my sweet friend who emails me a gift card :) I did have to work but the day went by fast. I came home to 3 bouquets (one from Rollie, lily and Piper) and got ready.  Rollie and I went out without the girls! We stopped at Russian River for a beer where Kerry surprised me then Rollie and I headed to Starks for an amazing steak dinner. 

We were so full (and tired) we didn't even order desert!

Friday I worked and then went out to a great girls dinner with my Duckhorn ladies at Farmstead.  Our VP of Marketing let us take a bottle of Goldeneye champagne that isn't even released yet :)

Saturday was a crazy day at work but we had sift cupcakes & Sauvignon Blanca after work (see the birthday continues)

And of course I brought one home to Lily.

Sunday was back to back parties. Hudsons 3rd birthday at my gym, Kellies bridal shower, and Quinn's 1st birthday. All fun but we were exhausted by the end of the day.


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