Mini getaway

I wanted to getaway for a few days for my birthday weekend, just the 3 of us (4 including Rufus). First we looked into Portland or Seattle but it wasn't as budget friendly as we had hoped. Then we thought, maybe we will spend a night in San Francisco...turned out to be bay to breakers weekend so ALL hotels were booked. So we decided to come down to Rollies godparents house in Carmel Valley, and I'm soooo happy we did. It's been super relaxing and that's what we all needed. Cathy & Sal are in New York so sadly they aren't here to hang out but hopefully we will see them soon.

There house is in The Santa Lucia Preserve, which is roughly 200,000 acres of beautiful rolling hills in the carmel valley. We've been lucky enough to stay here at least once a year over the last 5 years. We wake up to the most amazing views with deer and turkeys right outside the bedroom window.

We arrived late Friday night after hitting traffic in the city...what normally should be a 3 hour drive was more like 4 bit we expected that.

Saturday morning we woke up at 5:45, thank you Rufus & Lily...but we all cuddled in bed for a bit and even fell back asleep until 8ish. We went for a nice walk before heading up to the golf course for lunch. Rollie had a meatball sandwich with a beer and I opted for the grilled chicken pita with a glass of Duckhorn Sauvignon blanc...yep funny. Lily tried lots of new food, papaya from my side if fruit, meatball, and bread for the first time.

After lunch we came back to the house and took a nap. Heaven. I can never nap well at home because even if Lily naps I feel like I should be doing something around the house.

Around 2 we headed down to the pool. It was only about 70, so not quiet warm enough to get all the way in but we hung out in the kid pool and hot tub a bit. We lounged around with margaritas while Lily played peacefully in the shaded grass.

At 430 we came back up for Lilys afternoon nap while Rollie and I read on the porch with a glass if wine.

At 7 we headed down to the hacienda for dinner, which is a beautiful Spanish style building that serves dinner for the property. We were literally the only ones there! There was a golf tournament and dinner for about 60 people so they were all up at the golf course last night. It was a bit awkward at first but it ended up being a nice romantic dinner. The staff here is incredible. They brought us a glass of champagne for my birthday toast to start off dinner. We started with ribs (for Rollie) and scallops (for me) then we both had steak for York strip and flat iron. Both delicious. Our server really wanted us to have dessert by the huge fireplace outside, which I had no complaints about. Come to find out Cathy & Rollie had ordered a chocolate cake from layers bakery in carmel for them to bring out for me. Perfect way to end an amazing day. I had a glass of port and Rollie had an 'adult' hot chocolate as we sat by the fire with dessert.

I was really starting to blow up Instagram with all my pics so rather than keep posted on there here's yesterday at a glance from our phones. Ill upload more from our camera when we get home.


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