Week in review

Well turned out Lily did have her first (double ear infection). We went to the dr. first thing Monday morning. She weighed in at 16.4 lbs, still a little one! After the dr. we headed to target to get some meds and then we pretty much relaxed at home the rest of the day.

By Tuesday morning Lily was already back to her normal happy self. Thank you antibiotics. We went to playgroup at Dena & Gino's since she wasn't contagious. It was really nice to get out of the house since we spent all day Sunday and Monday at home. After playgroup we walked around the mall a bit.

Wednesday I unwound after work with book club happy hour at la rosa downtown. Love my momma friends.

I don't think anything exciting happened Thursday or Friday.

Saturday after a busy day at work I met Rollie, Lily and our friends Dawn, Amar and their daughter Ariya at the golf course for happy hour. It was a beautiful night and great way to kick off my weekend/mothers day/birthday celebrations.

Ill recap Mother's Day in a separate post coming up :)


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