Carmel Weekend Day 2

Yesterday we all slept in until 7:30 I!  Ha!  Then we laid in bed snuggling and reading.  After cleaning up the house and packing up our stuff we headed into the town of Carmel to walk around and grab and early lunch.  We first walked down the ocean where it was absolutely beautiful...a tad windy but the water was crystal blue.  Then we grabbed lunch at a little outdoor cafe (not very good) but nice ambiance and then shopped around a bit.  Rufus got a new collar, Carmel is such a dog friendly town so lots of cute little dog shops and Lily got a new wooden butterfly toy and a teething toy.

We all got back in the car and headed up the coast to Santa Cruz.  I had actually never been there before. It was 85 and sunny so naturally it was PACKED!  I can see where it would have been really fun if we didn't have a 9 month old and a dog with us...totally reminded me of a Northern California Hermosa Beach with lots of outdoor beach bars.  We walked around for about an hour before getting back in the car again.

We drove another hour up the coast to Half Moon Bay to have lunch with Rollie's step-mom  Anne.  We went to this great place right along Highway 1 called Cafe Gibralter.  Its Mediterranean
 and has really neat booths with tons of pillows on the ground...great for Lily!  I had snapper, Rollie had wild boar, and Anne had Salmon and then we rounded out the night with lavender creme brulee...yum!

Such a great weekend...I'm not ready to be home :(

Here are pictures from the whole weekend from the camera.

impromptu photo shoot 

getting ready for a nice walk

lunch at the golf course

nice face Lily


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