The end of an era

Well it appears I'm officially done nursing. I made it 8 1/2 months. It's funny because while I was pregnant I thought I'd go 6 months, then once it got easy (around month 2) I said a year, then when I went back to work full time I threw my goals out the window and just took it day by day. Ive said it before: the pumping just sucked and it stressed me out. There's no question that if I weren't working that I would still be nursing, but that's not the case. I'm a working mom and right now I enjoy the balance.

I will miss the closeness, the cuddles, the special bond from nursing. Ill even miss nursing in many many parking lots, restaurants, beach, and many other 'public places' because honestly it's easier than prepping a bottle. I hope we are fortunate enough to have another baby someday and this isn't the end completely. But for now here's a look back at the special moments we've had together.


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