Lily 9 Months!

I know I'm a tad late to the 9 month post...she's officially been out for longer than she was in...that's what they say, right?!  These last few months have flown by.  Everyday it seems like Lily's learning something new.  By far one of the best things she does is mimic everything you do...I could sit with her on my lap for hours and blow bubbles, yell, laugh, tickle, and say gooo gooo gaaa gaaa.  It's amazing.

Weight: Probably approaching 17 lbs.  When we were at the Doctor a couple weeks ago she was 16.4

Diet:  Formula and pretty much everything we eat!  She takes a 6 oz bottle 4 times a day, typically at 7, 11, 3, and 7.  Along with 3 solid meals a day which consist of rice cereal, oatmeal, yogurt, strawberries, melon, cheese (feta & string), puffs, chicken, meatballs (yes meatballs...cut up of course), peas, squash, puffs, num nums, teething biscuits and much much more.  So far we've only really found her to dislike banana's.

Sleep: I'm pretty scared to write this but its amazing.  She sleeps from 7:30-6:30 without waking up and this has been the case since the beginning of April.  She takes a morning nap between 8:30 and 9 for about an hour and a half and then again between 2:30-3:00 for another hour and a half.  She tries to get a 3rd nap in midday but its really hard because that's when we are out and about....I wouldn't mind trying to ditch that one but I'm not sure how to go about that.

Health: Back to healthy after a double ear infection 2 weeks ago.  Lily woke up screaming in the middle of the night and wouldn't go back to sleep unless I rocked her and she was on my chest.  She had a low grade fever (100.4), poor thing.  This was Saturday night and we pretty much slept/snuggled/fussed all day Sunday.  By Monday morning I went to the Dr. and sure enough she had a double ear infection.  We started a round of amoxicillin and she was back to herself within 24 hours.  

Baby Gear We're loving:
-baby Einstein jumper....she's finally big enough and loves it!
-piano play mat, still loving her piano
-stuffed bunny, I'm not afraid to give it to her while she sleeps now and she loves to snuggle with it
-Bob stroller, now that summer is here we've been getting alot of use out of it
-Ergo carrier, been on some nice hikes lately
-Graco highchair...lots of use now! 
-any toy, or anything she can put in her mouth

-First tooth! 5/14

-Lots of new words, Dadada, Bababa 5/5 and later this month lots of Goo's and Gaa's
-Holds her own bottle up 5/6
-Starting inching backwards 5/17
-drinks water and formula out of her sippy cup
-Standing up while holding on to something (table, walker, etc)
***As I write this army crawling! 5/25  While I was at work today she started army crawling.  Rollie was sweet enough to not tell me and then when I got home from work she started doing it again I freaked out!  We are so not ready for this...well I should say our house is so not ready for this.

Nicknames: pumpkin, Silly Lily and munchkin

Postpartum: Nothing much has changed here.  


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