Week in Review...a few days late

I'm a bit behind!  That's what happens when I work a 5 day week vs. a 4 day week.  I worked Saturday and Sunday this weekend because of Memorial Day weekend.

Anyways, lets see if I can recall this past week.

Monday Lily and I walked/hiked (I say hike because the hills are insane) with Melissa and Jack Monday morning.  Afterwards we stopped by my friend Lyndsay's house for lunch and a little baby pool date.

Tuesday Lily and I attended our first '1st' birthday party.  It was Hudson's birthday and his mom, Sarah did an AMAZING job with his party decor.  She had a family party over the weekend and then had playgroup friends over on Tuesday during our normal playgroup hours.  It was a vintage rocket man theme...so cute!  She's a baker too...Hudson's cake and cupcakes were not only adorable but super yummy too.  The favors were rocket cookies and rocket man onesie's for all the babies.  Birthday season is in full swing!

Wednesday and Thursday are a blur as usual.

Friday night we had a double date with my friend Melissa and Mike.  Mike and I both have May birthdays so it was a joint celebration.  Lily joined us, even though they got a babysitter for Jack.  We went to Rosso's, one of our favorite restaurants in town and Lily was so good.

Saturday & Sunday were brutal for me at work so we didn't plan anything.  Rollie went to the mall with Lily on Saturday during the day and she got her first little bump on her head from trying to stand up against the coffee table...first of many I'm sure :) Sunday Rollie and Lily went to Kaylies 3rd birthday party...I was super sad to miss out but they snapped some cute pics.


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