21 Weeks

21 weeks

Cooking time: 21 weeks, 1 day
Weight gain: +4...I'm thinking from here on out it will probably be 1 pound a week since it was slow to come on in the beggining.  I think this is the ONLY time in my life that I've been called small by several people that know how far along I am.  I've struggled with weight since college, so maybe this is god's kind way of saying...you won't be one of those people who put on 50-60 pounds during pregnancy.
Maternity clothes: oh yeah...I LOVE my grey maxi skirt from Target, I think I'll go grab the black one tonight :)
Food cravings: red meat still...had a nice burger for lunch today and chocolate...I indulged in a bit too much Easter candy
Food dislikes: frozen peas are the only thing I've found so far
Missing: Sleeping through the night and beer...I've really been craving a nice cold beer latley and the non-alcholic stuff is crap so its not even worth the calories.

What we've been up to: On Saturday night we headed down to Tesstarosa Winery in Los Gatos for a birthday party.  It was a 50th party and we were probably the youngest by 10 years but it was still lots of fun and a gorgeous Estate.  Lisa (who's birthday we were celebrating) is part of the Stanford tailgate crew so it was nice to see everyone.  We stayed the night down there so we didn't have to make the 2 hour drive back home.  We slept in a bit, got some breakfast and then headed out to Babies R Us to do a little registering.  WOW...registering for a baby is nothing like registering for a wedding.  Its extermely overwhelming and pretty stressful.  I wasn't feeling 100% either (fighting a flu of some sort off) so that didn't help either.  We got our little scanner, started with the feeding/nursing section when I had to leave...I got lightheaded, dizzy and sweaty.  We got back in the car, got some water at the gas station and decided to just head home.  After we crossed the Golden Gate we decided to give it a whril again at a different Babies R Us and we were successful!  Although I was pretty disappointed with the selection and overall size.  All of the Babies R Us in Northern California seem to be Toys R Us/Babies R Us combo's whereas down in So Cal there are huge Babies R Us stand alone stores.  I went home last night and added/changed/deleted several things off the registry...which I can gaurentee you won't be the last time I do that.  We've also decided to use Amazon.com too...and for my second shower (up here) I might start a registry at Target later on.
Tesstarossa Winery

We've also had Thursdays off together lately which is really nice.  We need to start working on baby girls nursery...I feel behind, but I suppose 4 more months is plenty of time to work on it.  I'm planning on starting the dresser today and we have 2 different companies coming to estimate the wallpaper removal process on Wednesday since neither of can/want to go through that horribly messy project again...including the glue that's on our drywall in the kitchen...can't wait to paint in there!

I also ordered some fabric from fabric.com to make a crib skirt, some fitted sheets, floor pillows and changing table pad...I love them!  Oh and I found two fitted crib sheets at Target for $15 total...they will go great with the fabrics I got!


  1. You are tiny for how far along you are. Watch that last 6 weeks!

    Love the fabrics - can't wait to see them in person and get started on projects!


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