24 Weeks...6 months!

Clearly haven't mastered the mirror self photo

Cooking time: 24 weeks
Weight gain: +8 pounds...well I've gained 3 pounds in 10 days...lets hope this isn't a new trend.
Maternity clothes: Same...dresses, leggings, and maternity jeans.
Food cravings: Still red meat, fruit and salty snacks.  I had a craving for chicken kebabs today so we grilled some up for dinner :)  Found some new non alcoholic drinks while wine tasting with friends.  Wine Country soda...pinot noir and chardonnay juice, its carbonated and not too sweet...my new summer favorite.
Food dislikes: Nothing
Missing: Nothing much, pretty great week...still peeing twice a night but I'm pretty used to that by now.

What we've been up to:
Last week Ray, Tanya and Kerington came to visit.  We had a great 3 days with them; wine tasting, playing with Rufus and Kerington, hanging on the deck and just catching up with great friends.  Rollie painted the nursery ceiling today and I planted some flowers out front in our new wine barrel mailbox planter.  We're getting ready for Maui..only 9 days!!!


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