Half way there...20 weeks!

Cooking time: 20 weeks, 4 days
Weight gain: +3 pounds... surprisingly not more after the massive dinner we had with our friends Paul and Stacey from LA last Friday night...crab stuffed hash browns, 4 cheese oodles of noodles (love the name), sauteed mushrooms, mashed potatoes and a petite filet with 3 jumbo shrimp...I was so uncomfortable afterwards but it was totally worth it, although I have no idea how anything will fit in my belly a couple months from now.
Maternity clothes: full on maternity pants and leggings...got a really cute maxi skirt (non maternity) at Target yesterday that will be perfect all spring/summer
Food cravings: Red meat, fruit, and sweets
Food dislikes: frozen peas, we usually have them at least once a week but they are not doing it for me right now.
Missing: sleeping through the night and energy.  It was a really long week at work but I just had 2 very relaxing days off...and I work Friday and Saturday and then actually have Easter off with Rollie so looking forward to that!

What we've been up to: 
*I've been pintresting away, trying to narrow down nursery colors.  I think once I have the crib bedding picked out I will feel a bit better.  I'm really considering making them because I just can't find a set that I like anywhere right now for a reasonable price.
*We had dinner with friends that were staying at their timeshare in Windsor (just 5 minutes north of us) on Friday night...they gave us the cutest pink roses in a little bud vase as a 'congrats your having a girl' present!
*Rollie changed his schedule to Sunday/Thursday off until baby girl arrive, so I'm really looking forward to having a regular day off together for the next few months.
*We've also been narrowing down some Maui details...just 5 weeks away now!
*Found a hot pink ottoman for baby girls room for just $25 (target), some great geometric patterned crib sheets for $7(target) and I ordered some fabric from fabric.com to make the crib skirt, pillows, changing pad cover and possible a blanket with the help of my MIL...oh and I bought a body pillow, hoping that makes sleeping more comfortable :)

Opted for something I little different than the standing side poise this week

On a random side note...love my peep toe flats that I got for $12 at Ross down in OC


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