22 Weeks down...18 to go

Cooking time: 22 weeks
Weight gain: +4 pounds... at this point I think my scale is broken because my belly is growing.  Dr. appointment on Thursday so the truth may come out.
Maternity clothes: yep.  Loving my 2 new maxi skirts from Target, those will be my staple from here on out.  I wouldn't mind getting a couple cute dresser items for dinners out in Hawaii, so I'll be browsing online this week.
Food cravings: I figure its time to get a bit more specific on this.  Cheeseburgers (meat and cheese only) from In-N-Out with well done french fries-I have this once a week, chocolate of any kind (I was loving the cookies and cream Hershey Easter eggs and mini cadbury eggs...but those are now gone so I've moved onto whatever is around or Safeway brand light churned mint chip ice cream, apples and plums...although I had a hankering for mandrian oranges (in the can last week so I grabbed some of those at the grocery store), Sour Cream and Cheddar Ruffles...so yes you can see why I'm suprised I've only gained 4 pounds.
Food dislikes: Nothing new this week.
Missing: Still sleeping through the night.  I've had a cold/allergies/sinus thing all week and haven't been able to breathe out of my nose at night, which has been horrible.  Rollie picked me up some nasal breathe right strips last night and it worked wonders!  How does that little thing work?!  So I finally got a good nights rest last night.

What we've been up to:
We finished painting the dresser/chaning table...and yep its hot pink!  Rollie needs to add the shiny top protective coat today and then I will snap some pictures.  We got a bunch of front yard work done too on Thursday (love having a day off together!)  We finalized some plans for Maui last night (dinner reservations, spa, snorkeling, etc...can't wait!  We have a relaxing week coming up and then the Muro's are here on the 24th.  Yeah!


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