4.22 Passion

If I had to pick one thing I'm passionate about it would probably be traveling.  I'm constantly thinking about the 'next' trip.  I love everything from searching for the cheapest flights to researching great new restaurants and sites to see.  We're heading to Maui 14 days, and then down to LA at the beginning of June...but after that I know there won't be any trips in the near future but I'm thinking it will be worth it!  So here is a look back at the last few trips over the last 12 months.
San Fran Giants Game-April 2011

Chicago-April 2011

Michigan (home)- April 2011

Laguna, CA-March 2011

Solvang,CA-August 2011

Phoenix, AZ (Fiesta Bowl)-January 2012

Laguna, CA-March 2012


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