23 Weeks

Cooking time: 23 weeks, 1 day 
Weight gain: +5 pounds as of Dr. appointment on Thursday.  I asked my Dr. if I was gaining too little weight but she assured me that I'm just fine.  She said even if I lose weight but the baby measures on track that's fine too... but from here on out I'll probably gain a pound a week.  My belly sure does look like I've gained more than 5 pounds so maybe its possible that I've lost in other places and baby girl is growing just fine.  I think of 6 months pregnant (I'm a week shy) as HUGE...but everyone is different...and I'm not complaining at all, especially since Maui is in just over 2 weeks and I thought by then I would be uncomfortable.
Maternity clothes: Still the same...dresses and skirts mostly.  It was a beautiful 80+ and sunny all weekend so it was really nice to wear some flowy dresses.
Food cravings:Pretty much the same...add kids size peanut butter perfection from coldstone to the list!
Food dislikes: Had some broccoli last week that didn't taste so great
Missing: Cold is gone but I've had some hip pain on my left side lately at night and that's typically the side I sleep on.  Still getting up twice a night to pee...don't think this will change!

What we've been up to:
We've both had busy weeks at work but Rollie's managed to prime the nursery...so now its time to paint the ceiling, walls and trim!  We are painting the ceiling, trim and bottom half of the walls a nice crisp white and the top half of the walls a light grey (we have a chair rail separating the two).  We enjoyed the nice weather all week by working outside and relaxing on the deck in the sunshine!  Muro's come visit tomorrow for 3 nights...can't wait to see them and play with Kerrington :)


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